Honey - A Liquid Sunshine
Natural Tribal Honey - The True Taste of Odisha!
The Best You Have Ever Tasted
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Apiary Honey

Forest Honey

" We are what we intake, for rejuvenation and boosting immunity. "

Esteemed as a best wellbeing health food over the globe, honey is among the most magnificent and purest creations. Honey is utilized as sweetener with tremendous medical advantages that has been valued since ages. It is used in several sectors filling in as a base for multiple benefits like traditional medications, boost memory and concentration,, common home solution for skin and hair, facilitates sinus issues, mends skin conditions and many more. But without quality and security controls

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  • Apiary Honey : Straight From The Hives

    An Apiary is where colonies of bumble bees are kept. Apiaries come in several sizes and can be rural or urban relying upon the honey production operation . Apiaries are normally arranged on high grou ... View More


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  • Forest Honey : Anti-Bacterial Wild Honey

    Forest honey, which is a form of honey that instead of being made from blossom nectar of flowers is collected after plant sucking insects (like aphids) pour out what they collect in the wild. From flo ... View More


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