Building Capacity for Commercial Viability of 300 Women Beekeepers Belonging to Below Poverty Line (BPL) in Odisha, India. We have ended the phase one/ year one of the MNP Project Supported by Jeevika Trust, UK through DFID.

Summary of the Project Madhu (MNP)

  • We promoted 183 beehive colonies through 24 women self Help Groups (SHGs) consisting of 300 women beekeepers which provided them additional income additional crop production due to pollination.
  • The project produced simple and pictorial and Honey processing related resource materials and taught the women beekeepers simple technique of beekeeping.
  • The project organized capacity building training for 200 women beekeepers, provided training and other information materials, arranged the provision of guidance documents and ongoing and on the spot supervision.
  • Revolving fund of Rs.1000/- were provided to each group for use of the same for marketing linkage, packaging and getting their groups registered and opening of bank accounts and also for use of the fund to maintain beehives and units and to pay for extra beehives.
  • The presence of beehives in forest areas has lowered the risk of deforestation and has increased the crop production in the area.

The project empowered the community to develop their own infrastructure like district resource center for sale of honey and honey products. Incomes of beekeepers have been increased and livelihoods have become more secure. Communities are involved throughout and are now better able to undertake different types of crops and getting more yields due to pollination. MNP provided sustainable impacts in areas said the SHGs of all the three project districts.